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08 April 2020A Rebel on the Run - Caravaggio's final Years
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10 June 2020The Dowager Empress CIXI (1835-1908) - Ruling from behind the Yellow Silk Screen
08 July 2020The Della Robbia Family - Sculptors and Potters of Renaissance Florence
09 September 2020John Singer Sargent - A Life through Pictures
14 October 2020Coventry Cathedral - Icon and Inspiration
11 November 2020American Glamour - 150 Years of Tiffany & Co's Jewellery

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A Rebel on the Run - Caravaggio's final Years Sian Walters Wednesday 08 April 2020

Caravaggio was the definitive bad boy of art history  -  determined and ambitious yet irascible and highly volatile.  In 1606 his life was to change forever following a particularly violent and bloody brawl in which Caravaggio, himself badly injured, ended up killing a certain Ranuccio Tommasoni with his sword.  This lecture will explore the remarkable stylistic transformations that took place during the last four years of Caravaggio’s life, a period of restlessness and yet extraordinary creative activity when the artist was forced to leave Rome, realising that his own life was now on the line. 

 Sian Walters studied at Cambridge University.  Lecturer at the National Gallery and The Wallace Collection and taught at Surrey University, specialising in 15th and 16th century Italian painting, Spanish art and architecture, and the relationship between dance and art.  Also teaches private courses, and organises lecturers, study days and art holidays abroad.  Has lived in France and Italy where she worked at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice.